Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

The resort


Est. 1997


            Poyalisa cottages are managed by a local man whose name is Mr.Ismail. It is located on Bomba island and is sandwiched between two white sandy beaches.The length of the beaches are 200 m in total. Bomba island is very  famous for its snorkeling  sites.

There are many snorkeling sites you can explore on Poyalisa boat trips. You can also go on hiking to visit the other island’s villages and see the bat cave.Poyalisa resort offers 12 cottages with shared and private bathroom. Every room includes a mosquito net and hammock on the veranda.

Seven cottages are located in front of the beach and five cottages are on the rocky hill. Staying at Poyalisa resort will make you feel at home with excellent hospitality, service and local food.

Room Rates:
Beach front cottages with shared bathroom  Rp.  125.000 per person
Beach front cottages with private bathroom  Rp. 150.000 per person
Cottages on the rocky hill                               Rp. 175.000 per person

All prices  included:
-         Snorkeling tours to Susana reef, Bontoala reef, Tondongi reef, and Stefan.
-         Three meals a day
-         Tea and coffee all day
-         Free transport from your hotel (Ampana) to the harbour   
     Free drinking water

Snorkeling sites:
-         Bomba atoll
-         Bontoala reef
-         Capatana
-         Katrin Reef
-         Menara
-         Petri – Heidi reef
-         Susana reef
-         Stevan reef
-         Taupan island